• Beautiful Teas

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"Like a spa day in a teacup."


"The best teas hot or cold and totally instagrammable!"


"Such pretty tea leaves!"


"Mood Indigo has made it over to Poland. My family love it!"

Ms. A

"This is Tea, but not as you know it."


Welcome to our Botanical Tea Adventure!


Inspired by the tropical Hibiscus flower, Daughters of Botany have created an exquisite collection of teas ranging from the luxuriously fragrant Red Moon, to the fruity and creamy Mood Indigo and the dark, aromatic La Vie en Rose.

From our beginnings at a tea stall in Wimbledon Village market, Daughters of Botany has brought beautiful, botanical teas to tea lovers looking for that extraordinary cup of Nature’s goodness. 

All our teas are made with natural ingredients and our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. Perfect for that guilt-free cup of tea!