All our teas are 20% off. Reduced from £9.99 to £7.99!


Daughters of Botany is a lifestyle community that embraces the power of botanicals through Tea. 


As the daughter of a botanist, I spent countless hours exploring my mother’s tropical garden on the Southern coast of Nigeria.

To share the fruits and flowers of my childhood wanderings with you, I have created this range of botanical teas. Inspired by the floral, sweet, yet tart flavours of the tropical Hibiscus, our teas are bold and colourful and their taste is altogether unforgettable. 


From our beginnings at a tea stall in Wimbledon Village market, Daughters of Botany has brought beautiful, botanical teas to tea lovers looking for that extraordinary cup of nature’s goodness. 

All our teas are made with natural ingredients and our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. Perfect for that guilt-free cup of tea!