It’s that time of year again and all your favourite dishes are on the dinner table. Yes, you might overindulge. Who doesn’t? But then the bloating comes and you wish you were in someone else’s body. Here are five tips to help you out.


Even though the holidays are a time to eat all the goodies, Mama was right. You still need to “Eat your fruit and veggies” because the dietary fibre from fruits and vegetables are essential for digestion.

Bloating can be a sign that your body is struggling to digest what you’ve eaten. So the fibre from fruits and vegetables (even in the festive season) can be a great way to aid digestion. Good digestion = no bloating. No bloating = Happy Tummy. Simple!



Mindful eating is such a beautiful practice to embrace, especially in the holidays. Indulge in the sensual experience of eating your holiday favourites. Breathe in the delicious smells as the food arrives on the table. Explore the beautiful colours and textures on your plate. Embrace the flavours as you bite into your food. You get the picture, right? Take your time with it and be present in the moment.

Mindful eating helps you connect with your food and steer away from just piling up your plate and getting that bloated feeling at the end of your meal.



It’s the festive season, so naturally the wine (or mulled wine) is flowing. You’re in a happy mood and then it’s the end of the night. You realise you’ve forgotten to drink your usual dose of water! Easily done. 

So here’s a gentle reminder to keep up your daily intake of water  And if you’re feeling bloated, sip on warm water. Herbal teas are great for relieving bloating too. Drink a simple Peppermint tea after your meal. Or you can try our delicious Mood Indigo Tea with Hibiscus to help relieve bloating. 


During the holidays, it can be tempting to go into full Couch potato mode. Especially if you decided to catch up on all your favourite TV shows or the lates family gossip. 

Whatever happens this season, don’t forget to move your body. It might be a post-Christmas lunch walk with the family or a lovely spot of Pilates. How about a bit of a  boogy woogy with the family? Or just a few simple stretches. Exercise helps to ease that bloated feeling. So go on and ‘move it, move it.’ We promise you’ll feel a lot better for it.


Sometimes our bodies (and minds) need a reset. So whether you’re doing Dry January or Veganuary, the end of the year and the beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on what we put in our bodies.

The act of drinking tea is a wonderful opportunity to embrace physical and mental well-being.
At this time of year, Red Moon is my go-to detox tea. The Hibiscus in this botanical blend is great for relieving bloating, and the Thai Keffir Lime leaf is known to aid detox. Plus the zest and the floral fruitiness of this tea make it a perfect Spa day in a teacup.

So this festive season, don’t forget to eat your fruit and veg, eat mindfully, drink water, move your body and if in doubt, drink some tea. Happy holidays!


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