January's journal


Whether we choose to call it Dry January or Veganuary, the first month of the year is always filled with the promise of something new. It might be the decision to exercise or eat healthier or to spend quality time with family. Or it might just be a decision to set new goals and to actually follow through with them this time. Whatever it is, I love the fact that January is a time for new beginnings. Of course, this year Corona virus has had a makeover and is acting all bad and bougie. But we've got this. We can do another lockdown, but we can definitely choose to be intentional about how we live through it.

Whether we're working from home, home schooling, or starting a new business, in lockdown 3.0 we have the opportunity to do things a bit more beautifully. Of course, we're living through a global pandemic, but we won't just survive this pandemic, somehow, we'll find ways to thrive. Self care. Emotional wellness. Mental Health hygiene. These all have a big part to play in how we stay safe and well too. Go ahead and take time out to sip on some tea, write in your journal, or just go for a nice long walk and catch up on some Vitamin D.

This month we toast to new beginnings and here at Daughters of Botany, we're excited to share all our plans for the year with you. So, let's start off with some Chocolate tea to get you through the Rona blues. This month we’re launching our brand-new Chocolate Tea blend called Coco. Coco is an aromatic blend of organic Peruvian chocolate, Hibiscus, and Citrus. I have to be honest, it is unlike anything I have ever created before, but I absolutely love it. It’s dark and mysterious and the perfect opportunity to get a guilt-free chocolate fix. And we're launching this just in time for you to stock up for Valentine's/Galentine's. 

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