We believe in:


We are inspired by the heritage of African botanicals passed down from my grandmother to her mother, and now to me. We create all our products with African botanicals.


We are comfortable in our own skin. We are confident in our bodies. We are here for the flare ups, the glow ups and everything in between. We love our bodies, positively! 


 We put people first. Whether it’s skincare or tea, our family lovingly creates each product to meet the needs of our Daughters of Botany community.


We believe in the power of botanicals to transform our daily experiences. Whether it’s skincare or wellness, beautiful transformation is at the heart of everything we make. 


We are writing our own Sustainability story. From creating teas with Cocoa husks, a by-product of Chocolate making, to formulating skincare with Hibiscus powder, a by-product of our Tea process.