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Daughters of Botany

Coco Rumba Tea

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The Chocolatey one. Like Hot Cocoa with a fruity twist. Inspired by Chocolate, we blended Organic Peruvian Cocoa husks with Nigerian Hibiscus petals and Citrus, to create a Tea that feeds your inner chocoholic. 

Taste profile: Full of the flavour of roasted Cocoa, the rich dark chocolate is balanced out by the sweetness of Hibiscus and Citrus to give this Tea a full-bodied taste. Consider Coco Rumba your Chocolate fix without all the calorie drama. This Tea tastes like home, and it's here to stay.

Stylist Magazine says: Tea that tastes like Chocolate...Take this unusual brew with you when you first see a friend's new place as a sweet contribution to your visit.

Ingredients: Organic Cocoa husks, Hibiscus, Orange peel

Caffeine free