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If you’ve been looking for that perfect Christmas gift, it’s time to call off the search. Our botanical teas are a gift giver’s dream come true. Why not splurge on our Tea party set with three botanical tea tubes and a rose gold tea strainer, all wrapped up in a beautiful red gift box. Now that’s what we call Christmas!


The Tea party box contains:

1. MOOD INDIGO - Inspired by Duke Ellington’s classic jazz tune, Mood Indigo is the quintessential smooth blend, balancing the sweetness and tartness of the Hibiscus flower and the creaminess of coconut with a hint of citrus. This purple tea is a show stopper! An exotic blend of blue Butterly pea flowers, sweet, tart Hibiscus petals and Coconut flakes. Plus it’s caffeine free!

Pssst! Our tea lovers confess to eating the tea leaves too! Have your tea and eat it, anyone?

Ingredients: Butterfly pea flowers, Hibiscus petals, Coconut flakes, Lime leaves, Citrus peel

2. LA VIE EN ROSEThis rose gold tea epitomises La Vie en rose - life through rose tinted glasses. It is an aromatic blend of floral yet tart Hibiscus with Black tea, dark, rich Vanilla and a hint of citrus  

This tea has a unique liqueur-like quality and was originally created as a gift for my husband. 

Ingredients: Black tea, Hibiscus petals, Marigold petals, Citrus peel

3. RED MOONInspired by memories of red Hibiscus flowers blooming in my mother’s tropical garden, Red Moon is a crimson blend of sweet, tart Hibiscus petals, Lime leaves and Peony White Tea.

This tea combines floral notes and citrus with tender white tea leaves dried amongst peony flowers. Like a cocktail in a teacup! 

Ingredients: Hibiscus petals, Lime leaves, Peony White tea, Citrus peel 

4. ROSE GOLD TEA STRAINER - Unleash the flavours of our loose leaf teas with this gorgeous rose gold tea strainer. Just steep, stir and sip.