About Us

Daughters of Botany exists to create botanical solutions to restore and enhance the wellness and happiness of each individual, so that, every person can experience life at their full potential.

The brand was inspired by founder Sotonye Odugbemi’s rich cultural heritage and the generational line of strong women that believed in the bountiful properties available in nature. The inheritance of knowledge passed down from both her grandmother and mother acted as inspiration and a catalyst to finding alternative natural solutions to help enrich the lives of both her friends and family. 

"As the daughter of a botanist, I spent my childhood exploring the wonders of my mother's tropical garden on the Southern coast of Nigeria. Today, inspired by my childhood memories, I create botanical teas that celebrate the power of Nature's goodness . . . I started making teas in response to a close friend having digestive issues for about a week on her return from holiday. Hibiscus as a flower is such an iconic representation of my home, Nigeria and my childhood memories growing up in my mother’s garden. The tea worked to relieve my friend’s bloating and it tasted great too.”